Stay in UK's most haunted prison (Picture: Shepton Mallet Prison/Facebook)

Stay in UK’s most haunted prison (Picture: Shepton Mallet Prison/Facebook)

Consider your Halloween sorted. We’re not talking about robust pumpkins, DIY fake blood or questionable adult costumes, we’re talking about spending the night in what used to be the UK’s oldest operating prison.

Shepton Mallet Prison, located just over 20 miles from Bristol, is now open for sleepovers.

For some, a night in a disused prison might not sound so scary. What’s a violent ghost or two compared to the grisly state your flatmates leave the kitchen in? While others might think the name sounds familiar.

Shepton Mallet Prison is known to be the most haunted prison in the UK. From 1610 to 2013, the prison housed some of the UK’s most dangerous criminals, including East End mobsters Ronnie and Reggie Kray – who were transferred there from the Tower of London.

Stay in UK's most haunted prison (Picture: Shepton Mallet Prison/Facebook)

This room could be all yours for one spooky evening (Picture: Shepton Mallet Prison/Facebook)

Before closure, Shepton Mallet was a category C lifer prison, with 189 prisoners in the lock-up.

The prison’s brutal past dates back to the 17th and 18th centuries when men, women and children were kept in appalling conditions, suffering from starvation and smallpox within crammed cells.

The prison was also used for judicial executions between 1889 and 1926. During the Second World War, the prison was adapted to become a military prison used by the British and the Americans.

Paranormal tour operator Bump in the Night is hosting a series of overnight tours and sleepovers for paranormal enthusiasts and parents who might like to warn their children about where they’ll end up if they don’t behave.

According to the Bump in the Night, cell doors are regularly heard ‘opening and slamming shut for no reason’, ghostly figures can be seen moving about the property and footsteps can be heard along the corridors.

Tours run in late September to early October, and are priced at £35-55. Are you brave enough?

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