EMMERDALE fans have been reminded of a huge blunder with Bear Wolf being unable to read.

The vintage wrestler – who is played by actor Joshua Richards in the ITV soap – was unable to read a letter from Paddy’s mum and asked his son to read it for him.

 Bear wrote love letters to Paddy's mum for years


Bear wrote love letters to Paddy’s mum for years

And while Paddy begrudgingly did so – and lied about its contents, telling him his late mum loved him and wanted to leave his dad, when in fact it said nothing of the sort, viewers called foul.

They were quick to remember that the idea that Bear can’t read flies in the face of how he was introduced to the soap months ago.

When Mandy Dingle made her brief return at Christmas she gave Paddy some letters she had found from Bear that were sent to Paddy’s mum during their affair.

And fans have realised it means the soap has made a whopping blunder because if Bear can’t read now – how did he read and write love letters to Paddy’s mum for years.

 Bear got Paddy to read his mum's love letters in tonight's episode


Bear got Paddy to read his mum’s love letters in tonight’s episode
 The vet begrudgingly agreed to do the honours


The vet begrudgingly agreed to do the honours

They have previously questioned the plot hole, and thought the soap had decided to move on from it, but tonight’s scenes made it clear the storyline will continue to be revisited.

One fan asked: “How did Bear write those letters/poems to paddy’s mum if he can’t read?”

Viewers have previously slammed the soap for the plot hole with one writing: “I may be going mad but I’m sure we have seen him reading and didn’t the affair with Paddy’s mum get discovered as they wrote each other long love letters so how would he know what to say if he couldn’t read what she had written?

“So unless in the past he got someone else to read the letters and write a reply but then if he did that surely he could have got someone to choose the correct card in the shop?

 Paddy lied that the letters said his mum loved Bear


Paddy lied that the letters said his mum loved Bear

“Bear seems a really annoying character I don’t understand why he pretended Paddy and Chas are having a boy.

“He should have just given the scan to Faith to look at or not revealed it at all as if they have a girl it is going to be weird for them and considering they lost Grace it doesn’t seem very sensitive to upset them involving a baby.”

Emmerdale’s Bear Wolf claims he can’t read despite exchanging love letters with Paddy’s mum for years

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