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Raffles Milan Fashion and Design Institute – Three-year Visual Design Course


Duration: 3 years (1,400 hours) Language: Italian / English Course start: November Contemporary life is a distillation of messages, images, symbolic meanings, artifacts and complex indications. Visual design guides us in cities or museums, makes us choose products also for attractive packaging and recognize the identity of a brand for a logo, an advertisement, a publication, a clip or a digital interface. Visual design therefore faces the whole world of the Visible and influences the socio-cultural scenarios of our time. Become a visual designer thanks to the 60 professionals of the three-year course in visual design of Raffles Milano. Who is it for: The course is aimed at candidates with a high school diploma, with a keen interest in visual communication and its components, from design disciplines (graphic, visual, digital design, lettering, photography, video) anthropological and socio-cultural aspects (history of art and design, sociology, semiotics, aesthetics, theories of communication). Professional opportunities: At the end of the three-year course, students will have acquired the skills necessary to safely enter the world of visual communication, in corporate realities such as agencies and professional firms. Graduates will be able to fill classic roles in the sector, such as visual designer, graphic designer, art / creative director, brand designer, digital designer, packaging designer. They will also be skilled designers of the digital age, thanks to the interdisciplinary preparation received, and able to express themselves effectively as web designer, motion graphic designer, user interface designer. Find out more: https://rm-modaedesign.it/courses/visual-design/ Follow us on Facebook Raffles Milano Istituto Moda e design https://www.facebook.com/rafflesmilano/ Instagram @rafflesmilano https: // www. instagram.com/rafflesmilano/.



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