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"The Best of NABA -Fashion View" – Altaroma 2021 Fashion show


NABA takes part in the February 2021 edition of Rome Fashion Week organized by Altaroma, one of the most important events of Italian fashion, with “The Best of NABA – Fashion View”, a selection of the best projects created by the students of the Academy’s Fashion Design Area, presented through the unprecedented format of the virtual fashion show.

On February 18th at 5 pm the video was live-streamed on the digital platform digitalrunway.altaroma.it created by Altaroma to encourage the public’s participation and virtual interaction.

NABA Fashion Design Area has always been open to dialogue with contemporary languages, and on this occasion decided to experiment with the hybridization of new forms of expression, looking for innovative visions for fashion communication. The expressive medium of choice for the occasion is a virtual show, curated and directed by Paolo Bazzani, NABA lecturer and Art Director, using the 3D virtual reality new technologies in a path that leads to the new, on a journey into metaphysical and ever-changing environments, not far away from the world we are passing through.

“The Best of NABA – Fashion View” also connects to this theme through the original soundtrack conceived and realised specifically by Guido Tattoni, author as well as NABA Dean.
The presented menswear and womenswear collections were created by the NABA alumni of the BA in Fashion Design Lucia Grande, Sofia Interligi, Pierfrancesco Pierucci, Mar’yana P’yetsukh, Cristiano Ragazzoni, Melissa Riva, Serena Romei, Alessia Santoro and Niki Signoretti, and of the MA in Fashion and Textile Design Luisa Nunziata, Matteo Salamone and Franca Tomaino.

Regia and Art Direction: Paolo Bazzani
Art Director Assistants: Marco Dini, Sara Dessi
Original Soundtrack: Guido Tattoni
Virtual Environments: EDI Effetti Digitali Italiani (Realtime 3D Art: Andrea Zucchetti; 3D Modeling: Jonathan Marsala; vfx Producer: Chiara Castelli)
Video and Editing: Raphael Monzini
Casting and Styling: Antonio Moscogiuri with Mattia Cantoni, Leonardo Serva, Yves Tsou
Fashion Design Area: Colomba Leddi with Sara Khalilnejad, Simone Liscio
Hair Styling: Alessia Agus, Livia Primofiore, Nicoletta Tonti
Make-up: Daniela Decillo, Ornella Gioè, Alessandro Pompili
Studio Production: On Air Studio .



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