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Woman reveals how to make supermarket flowers look more expensive for Mother’s Day

Mother's Day in the UK falls on March 14. (Getty Images)

Mother’s Day in the UK falls on 14 March. (Getty Images)

The UK will still be largely in lockdown come Mother’s Day this year, meaning many are likely to opt for flower delivery.

But some of you may be able to – safely – personally get a bunch of blooms to your mum, either because you are in the same social bubble or live nearby so you can leave them waiting for her at a distance.

If you were planning to pick up a bouquet from a supermarket, one clever woman has revealed how to get them assembled in a vase, looking like they’ve been through the hands of a pro florist – signalling that you’ve gone above and beyond.

In a video shared by TikTok user Susanna – who uses the handle @shnordic – she explained that you can “use tape to make your grocery store flowers look more expensive!”

In the short clip, Susanna – who is Norwegian, but based in the UK – showed how she had purchased several different types of affordable flowers from a supermarket.

She then demonstrated how she applied carefully-spaced, parallel strips of Scotch Magic Tape across the top of a wide glass vase.

Next, she stuck on strips the other way, so that it looked like a grid.

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The final step saw her stick the flowers between the squares of tape, which held them nicely in place – and had the effect of looking like a rather luxurious finished result.

Susanna’s helpful post has been viewed more than 15,000 times, with people leaving over 400 ‘likes’.

She shared: “It works so well, such an easy thing to do!!”

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Last year, Lidl and Tesco gave away free bunches of flowers to NHS workers on Mother’s Day.

The supermarket teamed up with platform Neighbourly to distribute bouquets to community groups around the UK to “show our thanks”.

Blooms were also handed out to staff as they clocked off from shifts at Northampton General Hospital and Kettering General Hospital.

Tesco also gave away free flowers during its one-hour slot for NHS workers – which was the first 60 minutes of Sunday trading – last 22 March.


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