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Hand model: our hand model for Gisou. Hand model with fine, tapered hands. Delicacy and elegance in the movements. WHO ARE THE MANIST MODELS? Hand models are those who lend their exceptionally beautiful hands for photo or video shoots. Manist models are everywhere, just watch a commercial on television or linger on advertisements in shop windows to notice a pretty hand intent on advertising some product. The role of the hand model is becoming more and more important and in demand in the market. WHAT REQUIREMENTS ARE REQUIRED TO BECOME A MANIST MODEL? Hand models must have perfect hands, with no defects, scars or visible marks. Both in men and women, hands with a tapered shape, long and fine fingers are very sought and appreciated. Nails are another essential component for hand models: they must be healthy, with a rounded shape and a homogeneous nail surface. The nails of a perfect manista are presented without semi-permanent or gel polish: the ideal is to present themselves with a layer of milky light pink nail polish. The optimal length is obtained when the nail protrudes a little from the palm of the hand, so it is not excessively long but not excessively short. WHY BECOME A MANIST MODEL? It sounds incredible, but our hands can be a real treasure! Being hand models can remain a hobby or become a real job; in fact, there is a great deal of demand on the market for body parts models and, specifically, for hand models. Working as a handyman allows you to manage your time independently and discover new realities. SOME TIPS! It is very important, during the shooting, that the hand models are able to pose in a natural and relaxed way and that they are able to use and make the most of their hands. Before showing up on the set it would be useful to train: an interesting activity, for example, could be that of Chinese shadows or it would be enough, simply, to try to hold everyday objects, trying to do it in a graceful, delicate and natural way. HANDS AS A MANIST MODEL ?! PROTECT THEM! It is important that those who choose to undertake this career pay close attention to their hands, making sure to always protect them during housework and from too aggressive climatic excursions. Constant and deep hydration guarantees to have hands with always soft and attractive skin. https://www.simplybodyparts.com/i-modelli-manisti/



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