Home Lifestyle People are dragging Kendall’s “glitchie” selfie video saying it shows editing

People are dragging Kendall’s “glitchie” selfie video saying it shows editing

Photo credit: Kendall Jenner - Instagram

Photo credit: Kendall Jenner – Instagram

From Cosmopolitan

Kendall Jenner is coming under fire for a video selfie she recently posted on her Instagram Story, which fans on Twitter say glitches momentarily, showing that she has edited her waist to look smaller in the video.

The video, which Kendall posted on her Instagram Story earlier this week shows the 25-year-old model in a bikini kneeling in front of her bathroom mirror. As she zooms in on her reflection the video appears to glitch, momentarily showing her waist to look slightly bigger than in the rest of the video.

People quickly took to Twitter to shared their thoughts on the video, many prompted by a string of tweets from author Bolu Babalola, in which she expressed concern over the possibly edited video, saying, “… it is so dangerous and so sad because people are modifying their body based on these unrealistic expectations. Of course anyone can enhance how they like but when it is based on something that literally does not exist!! It is worrisome.”

Some argued that the glitch was as a result of Kendall tensing as she moved her arm, while many joined with Babalola in sharing their concern about the normalisation of editing that we see on social media.

This wouldn’t be the first time one of the Kardashian-Jenners has been called out for a possible editing fail; the family have a long history of criticism from fans over photoshopping images and videos.

Meanwhile Kendall is currently facing backlash for the launch of her new tequila brand, 818, after fans accused her of appropriating Mexican culture.

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