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Cardi B’s latest hair transformation is giving me serious Bridgerton vibes


From Cosmopolitan

At this point, the words ‘Cardi‘ and ‘B’ have become synonymous with extreme hair experimentation.

She’s admirably unafraid of making a statement with her hair choices, usually opting for the avant-garde and throwing a little bit of joy into her glam.

She’s done everything from a perm with faces in it (honestly, check it out), to pearly braids with secret messages (a personal favourite). She matched her ponytail to her LV bag one time. She can pull off anything from voluminous looks like Saved by the Bell bombshell blow-dries and throwback ’90s style blow-dried fringes to founding father ponytails. All the while taking incredible care of her hair health, of course.

Her latest vision, created by her go-to hair magician Toyko Stylez, was inspired by the hair art of hair artist @jeanbaptiste.santens. And…oh my god.

Santens specialises in French coiffure hair – AKA creating stunning, OTT sculptures inspired by 19th century romanticism. Because of that, the hairstyles tend to have a super royal, high-concept look to them.

So, when Cardi B wore sculpted hair, piled high into glossy curves at her hairline – I couldn’t help but feel reminded of the royal regency hair in Bridgerton, with a dash of Season 2 Sansa Stark.

The look was contrasted with two choices of dresses; a crushed red velvet gown which screamed Jessica Rabbit, and an abstract flapper style grey number.

The resulting look is… actually a masterpiece?

Here’s a refresher of Bridgerton’s hair-piled-high royal looks, FYI:

Don’t mind me, I’ll be here googling coiffure tutorials.

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