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Professor Alessandro Autiello: French and Italian for Brazilians, civilians and military.


Welcome to)! Hello, I’m Professor Alessandro Autiello. This is the first video of the Italian and French teaching channel that I created especially for Brazilians. I am from Italy, as well as Brazil, one of the most beautiful places in the world, full of history, art and a gastronomy appreciated by the whole world. I was born in the beautiful city of Milan and grew up between Italy and France. Italian and French, therefore, are my native languages, but they are also the languages ​​to which I dedicated a rich and extensive academic training, first from Università degli Studi di Milano (Unimi) and then in language improvement courses. -didactic in Paris. For more than 10 years I have helped people achieve their linguistic goals, in the military, religious and civil spheres, helping them in the process of learning these incredible languages ​​and in the civil international certifications (CILS, PLIDA, DELF / DALF) or military (EPLE / EPLO). Italian is spoken by 60 million people and is internationally recognized for being the language of fashion, culture, gastronomy, the arts, green and high-tech means of transport, tourism and theater. In addition, there are many study opportunities at the oldest universities in Europe, in the design sector, especially in the furniture field. There is also the traditional area of ​​architecture, the wine and cheese industries and the market for luxury products. The French language allows access to a very wide world (francophonie) where more than 300 million people, spread across five continents, are waiting for you to communicate an interesting, modern and opportunity world. In addition, French, for example, can help you in various areas of knowledge by offering many options in the professional field, such as diplomacy, education, law, medicine, fashion, the cosmetic industry, new types of energy, aviation and environmental studies. These two languages ​​can help remove the barriers that separate you from the outside world and create bridges to the European and African continents. In Europe you can find large companies looking for creative people who can offer new solutions to contemporary problems. On the other hand, in Africa, you can face continually developing economies and universities with innovative research. For these reasons, I strongly believe that Italian and French are languages ​​of international connection, of world affirmation, current languages ​​in order to understand where the world is heading and what are the new forms of communication necessary to be able to live history, in society and in the world. I feel very proud to speak and teach these very important languages ​​and to be able to take you to improve your skills in Italian and French through dynamic and contextual classes. I hope I can help you too! Like and follow our videos. Subscribe to the channel and activate the bell to stay tuned (a) in the channel news. If you need help in those languages, leave a comment. Suddenly, your suggestion could become a new Channel video. See you around! Ciao ragazzi! Ci vediamo in giro! On se voit bientôt! À plus! .



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