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Harry Potter is having a massive puzzle sale right now

Photo credit: Amazon
Photo credit: Amazon

From Cosmopolitan

Sick of scrolling through your phone all evening while you ignore whatever show or film you’ve got on in the background? Why not try turning the telly off and get stuck into a massive Harry Potter jigsaw puzzle?

Amazon is currently offering a mega discount on Wrebbit’s 3D puzzle of the Hogwarts Astronomy Tower, which should keep you busy for hours.

Usually priced at £80.49, the puzzle is now available for £34.99. That’s a whopping 57% discount that’ll save you £45.50. Some might even say it’s a magical offer.

The completed puzzle is a 875-piece replica of the Hogwarts Astronomy Tower, part of the famous school as seen in the Harry Potter film series.

The pieces are made with a foam backing, ensuring that the model’s structure is robust and durable when built. Unless, of course, a game of Quidditch gets out of hand or a rogue dragon from the Triwizard tournament comes and knocks it over. In which case, its structural integrity will probably be the least of your worries. Heh.

Photo credit: AmazonPhoto credit: Amazon
Photo credit: Amazon

The puzzle is also part of Wrebbit’s 3D Harry Potter collection, which includes the Hogwarts Great Wall puzzle. This is also currently available for a major discount, having dropped from £80.49 to £33.27. That’s 59% off with £47.22 of your money saved.

If you’re looking to complete the set, you can also get hold of The Weasley’s Family Home and Diagon Alley for discounted prices on Amazon.

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