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Fried calamari and prawns S3 – P23


A great classic of Italian cuisine is undoubtedly the fried shrimp and squid. Rich, tasty, everyone likes it and it’s really simple to make. Fried shrimp and squid never refuses, with its crunchy crust and tender interior it is absolutely irresistible! We often eat in restaurants but be aware that it is very easy to make at home and following our advice it will be perfect. An evergreen recipe that never goes out of fashion and always like it. In this case we combine it with a sweet and sour sauce that suits us perfectly! It is said that fried stones are also good but here in terms of taste they really exaggerate! ► Ingredients to prepare the fried squid and prawns: Calamari 600 gr Shrimp 400 gr Durum wheat or semolina flour to taste Seed oil for frying to taste Salt to taste For the sweet and sour sauce White wine vinegar 100 ml Maizena 20 gr Sugar 80 gr Water 150 ml Passion fruit 150 gr Salt to taste At Casa Parrot there is always something boiling in the pot! Every day something happens, a new recipe, a vegetable just planted in the garden or some experiment halfway between a scientific experiment and the search for a new agri-food product. Setting foot in Casa Pappagallo is like entering a whirlwind of recipes, ideas and ideas taken from our everyday life. ————————- You can also find us here: ► FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/lucapappagalloofficial/ ► INSTAGRAM: https: //www.instagram.com/luca_pappagallo/ ► INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/Casapappagallo/ #LucaPappagallo #CasaPappagallo ► YOU CANNOT MISS THE NEXT VIDEO RECIPE! Subscribe to the channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcgF05LFpEsY5jB3gXfS7tw?sub_confirmation=1.



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