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The countries already rolling out vaccine passports

The UK Government has given the biggest indication yet that vaccine certificates could be used to reboot international travel. Despite previously suggesting that there were no plans for so-called vaccine passports, the Vaccines Minister Nadhim Zahawi said that providing certificates for those who have been fully vaccinated was something the Government was “working on.” Speaking to BBC Breakfast yesterday morning, Mr Zahawi said: “If other countries will require a vaccine certificate then I think it’s right that we facilitate it. “People already when they travel have to have, for certain countries, a yellow fever certificate. “I think it’s right that we do that. That’s what we’re working on. So if there is a requirement, any viewer can then ask for their vaccine certificate, in the way that we do pre-departure test certificates now.” On Monday, Boris Johnson said he has no plans to introduce vaccine passports for activities such as going to the pub, but such certificates may be “inevitable” in order to allow international travel to resume. “I think inevitably there will be great interest in ideas like can you show that you had a vaccination against COVID in the way that you sometimes have to show you have had a vaccination against yellow fever or other diseases in order to travel somewhere. “I think that is going to be very much in the mix down the road, I think that is going to happen.” For some countries, however, the development of vaccine passports is already underway. The countries with vaccine passports in development Bahrain – an early adopter Bahrain has become one of the first countries in the world to launch a digital Covid vaccine passport. The country’s BeAware app allows individuals to prove their immunity status two weeks after receiving both doses of the jab.


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