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Behind Her Eyes review: One bizarre twist can’t make up for the yawning lulls


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Staycation or cruise? The holidays most likely to take place this summer

Any decision you make about booking a summer break will be determined by where you are thinking of going and what sort of holiday you fancy. Currently we are not allowed to travel abroad for leisure, and many countries are not allowing UK citizens to visit anyway. But we can make educated guesses about which are likely to offer the best and worse prospects and below – as an at-a-glance guide – we have colour-coded some key destinations and types of holidays. Use in conjunction with our Timeline for Travel (see below). What the colours mean Red: Travel unlikely until next year. Do not think about booking yet, except possibly for departures in 2021. Amber: Situation remains uncertain, but be ready to book if and when that changes. Green: Consider booking now for travel in June onwards. 1. Britain Green For departures in June onwards, book your British holiday now. Such is the demand, that you may already be too late for the main school holidays. 2. The Med and mainland Europe Amber Despite a relatively slow start to vaccinations, these will certainly accelerate and there are some encouraging signs that some key countries will open, at least for peak season. Spain has expressed determination to restart tourism this summer and Greece has said it may allow tourists who have been vaccinated to skip quarantine on arrival. COLOUR: 3. North America Amber The US is reasonably well advanced on their vaccination programmes, and while the news last week that those who have been vaccinated can skip quarantine rules does not apply to incoming travellers, rather than to those who have been exposed to someone with the virus, it is a hopeful sign for future travel. Canada is lagging behind at the moment but is aiming to vaccinate the entire population by the end of September, with vulnerable groups protected well before then.


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