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Skiing is off-limits, but France’s snowy resorts still make a fun family getaway


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Plane daft: EGO is the latest in a long line of terrible airline names

It takes guts to launch a new airline in the midst of a global pandemic, so the debut of EGO Airways, an Italian start-up that will fly domestic routes from March 28, deserves applause. The name suggests no lack of confidence, although as often happens the creators of brands rarely think things through. When its customers arrive late for a meeting, “Sorry, my EGO was delayed,” will surely take some explaining. Fortunately, some carriers boast refreshingly direct monikers. Wizz Air, easyJet, Delhi-based Zoom Air and Boom, which plans to launch supersonic flights in 2030, are all commendably on message. But then so, presumably, was Flash Airlines, an Egyptian charter company that folded in 2004, Icelandic WOW (bankrupt after seven years), and Go, the low-cost airline created in 1998 by British Airways that was merrily going around Europe until, of course, it was gone. Other names just miss the mark, like IAG’s Level and China’s Okay Airways, which by definition promise an average experience. Air Leap, a Swedish regional carrier, sounds inherently risky, and I do wonder if the helicopters of Papillon Airways, which offers scenic flights over the Grand Canyon, follow a deliberately erratic flightpath.


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