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More shopping at DLK moda fitness | ONLINE SHOP


Online shopping on the DLK website: https://www.dlkmodas.com.br Take advantage of these fitness looks to rock the gym, feeling beautiful and comfortable. Purchases over R $ 199.90 with FREE SHIPPING (Southeast) Values ​​with 10% discount by paying on my bill MY MEASURES: Bust: 94 cm Waist: 74 cm Hips: 102 cm Legs: 99 cm (length) Thighs: 60 cm Height: 1.69 cm Weight: 72 kg ———————————- PARTS: TOP NEON – https: / /www.dlkmodas.com.br/produto/top-poliamida-preto-com-tela-e-neon-76075 LEGGING NEON – https://www.dlkmodas.com.br/produto/calca-legging-poliamida-preta -with-elastico-neon-76024 TOP BLACK – https://www.dlkmodas.com.br/produto/top-preto-strappy-com-tela-76511 LEGGING BLACK – https://www.dlkmodas.com.br / product / calca-legging-happiness-with-elastic-lateral-black-79496 TOP ELASTIC – https://www.dlkmodas.com.br/produto/calca-legging-happiness-com-elastico-lateral-preta-79496 # & search-term = Top% 20without% 20jojo% 20model% 20 swimmer% 20happiness% 20with% 20el% C3% A1stico% 20% C3% A9netico% 20passado% 20cherry #ShoppingOline #DLK #Fitness _____________________ Subscribe to channel and follow the next videos! _______________________ contact: paulagaoliver@gmail.com.



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