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Man has ‘gross’ shamrock and blackberry shaped lumps removed on The Bad Skin Clinic


*Warning: This article contains graphic images*

The Bad Skin Clinic team have treated all kinds of ailments recently, but the most recent episode has to be one of the most unusual.

A man was treated for bizarre ‘shamrock and blackberry shaped’ lumps all over his body on tonight’s show, which had him ‘worried about the future’.

Father-of-one Dave visited the clinic after the multiple lipomas on his body led to him developing anxiety.

‘I worry about the future a lot with this condition, but we’re at a point now where there’s 23 of them,’ he said on the show. ‘Every day I wake up and think “what if this one is sinister?”’.



‘They range in size from maybe pea-sized to grape,’ Dave said, pointed them out on his torso, forearms and back.

He added: ‘I want to live as long as I can, but there’s that fear that I’m not going to because of something like this.’

Bad Skin Clinic 2
Dave was treated in the Bad Skin Clinic (Picture: Quest Red.)

Dave’s wife Sarah also said that she’d seen a change in him since developing the lipomas.

‘Dave’s certainly changed in the last few years,’ she said. ‘Since his lipomas have become worse, he’s definitely gone a bit more within his shell. It’s only recently that he’s started to talk to me about how they make him feel. I never realised at all what impact it had on him psychologically.’

Thankfully Dr Emma Craythorne was on hand to help and welcomed him into her Harley Street clinic.

During his consultation with Dr Emma, Dave was told that the ‘blackberry shaped’ lipomas were the way his body deposited collections of fat.

Bad Skin Clinic 2
The lipomas had taken a toll on his mental health (Picture: Quest Red.)

‘I just want to have a look to see where these are and have a good squidge of them as well,’ Dr Emma says.

‘So, I think removing these cosmetically unsatisfactory ones is a good step,’ she added, preparing to treat Dave in the clinic.

Dave placed himself on the operating table and De Emma made a small incision hole, before removing the gooey lipoma.

Bad Skin Clinic 2
The lipomas were removed by Dr Emma (Picture: Quest Red)

‘Yep, that’s pretty gross,’ Dave said.

The Northern Irish born Dr Emma was then surprised to find a lipoma shaped ‘like a shamrock’.



‘I hope you guys have had your lunch!’ Dave said, as more were removed.

Dr Emma had some reassuring words for Dave after the operation was complete.

‘There’s nothing that we can do about the genetics of how we make our skin, we are born with that,’ she said.

‘I think he now probably understands that it’s okay to have them, and nobody else can see them.’

Dave spoke about leaving the clinic, saying: ‘I’m very glad I came to see Dr Emma, I’m extremely grateful. She was able to talk to me about what they really are, the fact that they’re not dangerous, and the ones I’ve got are relatively small as well.’

The Bad Skin Clinic airs tonight at 10pm on Quest Red, available to stream on discovery+

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