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Scalo Milano inaugurated: 130 shops including fashion, food, design and art


Locate Triulzi (askanews) – The three sectors symbolizing Italian excellence, fashion, food and design, gathered in a single commercial center, with an area dedicated to art. It is “Scalo Milano”, inaugurated in Locate Triulzi, a municipality on the outskirts of the Lombard capital. The center, developed by the Lonati Group and Promos, was built in the former industrial area where the historic Saiwa factory once stood, it cost 200 million euros and will create 1,500 jobs, including direct and indirect employees. In this first phase, 130 shops are open on an area of ​​30 thousand square meters, but they will become 300 out of 60 thousand square meters. At the inauguration, the mayor of Milan, Giuseppe Sala: “The value that exists in this area, in the metropolitan city of Milan, is an immense value compared to which we have still achieved little but we can achieve more”. In the complex there is also space for art, with Scalo Arte, a project that aims to bring contemporary creativity into an unusual context such as a shopping center. It starts from the Street art district, with graffiti signed by national and international writers, the story in images by photographer Settimio Benedusi and finally Scalo Art Pavillions, two permanent exhibition spaces in which, every six months, the works of the protagonists of the young woman will be hosted. Italian art scene. .



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