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Sustainable and circular, workshop in Milan on the fashion of the future


Milan, 22 Sept. (askanews) – A study and practical laboratory to direct creativity in the business processes of the fashion world through the use of sustainable materials and the adoption of a “circular” model of the economy. The workshop, organized by Fiscatech with the patronage of the Italian Committee of the World Food Program and aimed at students of the Brera Academy, will kick off in November in Milan, the Italian capital of an industry that has a very high environmental impact on a planetary level: it is responsible for nearly ten percent of CO2 emissions; it is the largest consumer of water (79 trillion liters per year) and produces almost 20% of the pollution of industrial water used in the treatment and dyeing of products. For the students of the Brera Academy, an opportunity to put their creativity at the service of the environment but also for a direct experience in the world of production that focuses on sustainability. Livia Pomodoro, president of the Academy: “We are doing a great job of organization but we will certainly put these courses inside. But it is not new to us because many companies, many companies, ask for scholarships with students. to put them in contact with companies. Not all will become Michelangelo or great sculptors of the twentieth century or great painters of the nineteenth century, but many of these guys, with their culture and their creativity, which I haven’t talked about here today I’m sorry, they will make a difference “. The idea, explained Carlotta Pignatti Costamagna, president of Pellan Italia, the group to which Fiscatech belongs, stems from the desire to “push for a healthier, more sustainable production system, creating synergies between the companies of the group, also committed in the agri-food sector. For Sandro Morini, president of Fiscatech Spa, the goal of the initiative is to create a real culture of sustainability as an integral part of the creative process. Among the innovative materials on which the students of the Academy will work there is is the Circular, a non-woven fabric produced with polyester fibers obtained from the recovery of PET bottles from the sea. “Circular because a product that is made with recycled materials and as such is absolutely circular because when these products do not are used more could re-enter the production chain and be reused. Using this material, it is possible to create bags or other leather goods with this usefulness and this full circularity. “The Italian Committee of the World Food Program will validate the” sustainable methodology “of the Workshop through the monitoring of a Commission of experts. general manager Simone De Rita. “When you enter a village you don’t just bring food but an entire system. Roads are built, storage places are built, even the market is built where consumer goods are to be sold. This sustainable fashion sense also becomes a model of sustainable production and nutrition. This is why we are present here and support this project “.



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