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House Music Lovers, This Full Body HIIT Workout Is For You

Any kind of workout without upbeat music is kind of sad, tbh. That’s why Sydney Miller, master instructor at SoulCycle, created HOUSEWORK, a full-body sculpting and conditioning workout that’s set to the beat of fun electronic and house music. “For me, a high-energy playlist is a workout must and I’ve always loved house music — it provides the perfect soundtrack to sweat to!” Miller tells Refinery29.So, we asked the master instructor to create an exclusive HOUSEWORK workout for us, and it doesn’t disappoint. “The workouts are designed to maintain a mind-body connection as you weave each series of moves together into a combination that is repeated,” Miller says. “As you repeat the series throughout the entirety of the song, you’ll find yourself focusing more on the movement of your body and less on your thoughts.”Here, find Miller’s exclusive workout from HOUSEWORK — and get ready to work up a mean sweat. You can check out the playlist that goes along with this workout here on Spotify. Let’s get moving!Plank cardio warm upThe song: Back & Forth by MK, Jonas Blue & Becky Hill (3:16)The moves: 1. Downward dog to plank 2. Commandos3. Lateral step outs4. Child’s pose1. For the first move, you’ll start in a high plank with your feet hips-width apart and your hands directly under the shoulders. Then, you’ll take your hips up to the sky for four counts into a downward facing dog. From there, take four counts to come back to your high plank position with your belly pulling in towards the spine. Then move onto…2. Commandos! Without leaving your plank, lower yourself down onto your forearms. Then push yourself back up onto your hands, staying on the beat. Do this twice, for a total of two commandos, or a total of eight counts (forearm, forearm, hand, hand — x2). End in a high plank, and then…3. Step the right foot out to the side, tapping your toe down to the ground, then step it back in. Repeat this lateral step out with your left foot, then step out each foot one more time for a total of eight counts. And finally…4. Drop your butt back and reset in child’s pose for four counts. Then come back up to your high plank to repeat the whole sequence, continuing until the song is over.Leg series on the matThe songs: Praise by Black Caviar (3:31) for the left leg. Repeat sequence on right leg to Rollergirl by Black Caviar (3:29).The moves: 1. Leg lift pulses2. Oblique crunches3. Standing crunch to lunge 1. Start on all fours, then keep your right knee and your left hand on the ground while you straighten and lift your left leg and drop your right forearm to the ground. Keep your left toe pointed, squeeze your butt, and lift the leg as far as you can without arching your back. From there, pulse the leg up four times on the beat (four counts). 2. Then, bring your left knee in toward the outside of your left elbow, then send it straight back up two times for two oblique crunches — this will be a total of eight counts.3. From there, bring your left leg forward and place your foot on the ground and propel yourself into standing position, holding your forearms at head level with your upper arms parallel to the floor. Without resting, smoothly bring your left knee up to tap the inside of your right elbow, then step your left leg back into a lunge. Repeat the standing crunch-to-lunge three times. 4. Come back down onto all fours to repeat the entire sequence for the duration of the first song. Then repeat on the opposite side of your body for the duration of the second song. Lunge series into pike upsThe song: Go Slow by Gorgon City, Kaskade & Romeo (3:39) for right leg. Repeat sequence on left leg to Only Can Get Better by Silk City (3:29).The moves: 1. Curtsey lunge2. Straight leg lunge step with row3. Twisted plank 4. Pike1. Start standing straight up, then cross your right leg behind left leg and drop into a curtsey lunge. Stand up tall to finish for four counts. Repeat that one more time for a total of eight counts.2. Then, step your right leg back into a long, straight leg lunge, bending your left knee as you push the right hip back in space and tilt your upper body forward. As you step back into that lunge, raise your arms overhead and drop the shoulders down. As you step the right foot back in, row the arms, pulling the elbows back behind you and squeezing your shoulder blades together. Step the left leg into a straight leg lunge while you raise your arms back overhead, then row the arms down as you return to standing. Repeat once more on each side for a total of eight counts.3. Step back into one more long lunge with your arms up, then take your hands down to the mat and step your other leg back into a high plank. From there, step your left foot over your right, so your left ankle is stacked behind your right ankle. Angle your right hip towards the floor in a twisted plank. This takes you to another eight counts.4. Without resting, lift your hips up into a pike one time, then come back into the twisted plank, engaging the right obliques. This sequence should take four counts.5. Pick up your left foot and bring your knee forward toward your left elbow, dropping the foot and coming into a standing position. Repeat the entire sequence until the first song is over, then repeat on the other side of your body for the duration of the second song.Cardio push jumping combo into straight arm burpeeRepeat for the entire song: Body Back by Gryffin (3:35)The moves: 1.Cross-jump2. Arm reach3. Straight arm burpee4. Jumps 1. Starting from standing up tall, jump up and land with your legs crossed under you and your arms crossed in front of you, then jump up and land with your legs and arms uncrossed. Repeat this twice times for a total of four counts.2. From there, press arms straight up over head and pull the elbows back down wide and by your ribcage twice, for four counts.3. Then, take your hands down to the ground as you jump your legs back into a high plank, then jump the legs back wide by the hands to stand up tall. This straight armed burpee should take a total of four counts. 4. End the sequence with two small jumps with your feet close together, and two small jumps with your feet spread shoulder-width apart for four counts. 5. Start back at the beginning and repeat the entire sequence the until the song ends.Like what you see? 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