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Traces episode 1 questions: Who killed Emma’s mum Marie Monroe and was her body dismembered?

Traces on BBC One starring Molly Windsor as Emma
We’ve got a lot of questions that need answering after tonight’s first episode (Picture: BBC)

BBC crime thriller Traces kicked off tonight and we’re already hooked on the six-part drama.

The first episode introduced us to Emma (played by Molly Windsor), who quickly discovered that her online introductory course in forensic science was strikingly similar to her mum’s unsolved murder.

Marie Monroe (Carly Anderson) was killed when Emma was seven, with her body being discovered on Law Hill. No-one has ever been convicted.

But why are Sarah Gordon (Laura Fraser), professor of chemistry, and Kathy Torrence (Jennifer Spence), professor of forensic anthropology, using her mum’s case for their course?

We’ve got a lot of questions that need answering when episode two arrives tomorrow night.



Who killed Emma’s mum Marie Monroe?

Molly Windsor in Traces
Who killed Emma’s mum? (Picture: BBC)

Firstly, the big question we need answering is who killed Emma’s mum?

Marie Monroe was murdered when Emma was just a child and her killer was never caught, but now she’s working in a forensics lab and with potential evidence at her fingertips, it looks like she could soon discover the truth.

At this point, the culprit could be any one of the characters, including Emma’s dad and step-dad.

So, whodunnit?

Was Marie’s body really dismembered? Who do we believe?

Laurie Brett plays Izzy in Traces
Izzy revealed that Emma’s mum’s body was dismembered (Picture: BBC)

Skye’s mum Izzy (Laurie Brett) seemed pretty convinced that Marie’s killer dismembered her body, however these claims were immediately shut down by Emma’s family members.

Emma’s aunt insisted that her sister’s body had remained intact, while her step-dad also reassured her the same thing.

In fact, he even went as far to brand Izzy ‘a druggy’ and that she could not be trusted.

Who’s telling the truth? Was Marie’s body dismembered?

Who was banging at Emma’s dad’s front door and why had he disappeared?

Emma and her dad in Traces on BBC One
Where did Emma’s dad disappear to? (Picture: BBC)

Emma woke up in the middle of the night to a man banging on her dad’s front door demanding that she let him in because he needed ‘more stuff’.

She also quickly discovered that her dad had left the apartment.

Emma tried ringing her dad but he failed to answer, so she left him countless voicemails. But why did he slip away in the middle of the night?

Who sent Kathy the postcard?

Early on in the episode, Kathy found she’d been sent a postcard from someone she had previously slept with.

It was revealed that she hadn’t exchanged any personal details with the mystery person, only the place where she worked.

Is Kathy’s secret admirer going to have a more prominent role as the series progresses? Only time will tell…

Traces continues tomorrow night at 9pm on BBC One.

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