I Rreally do not know what gets into people sometimes. Two I encountered recently had no inkling they could have caused an accident.

was on my way to pull out of a south-bound lay-by near Gorey on the M/N11. I saw this car coming at speed in the same direction as my intended exit route. The young female driver overshot the lay-by entrance but came to a swerving halt at the outside of the exit as I drove towards it. The car was halfway on the hard shoulder and halfway on the main-road lane, dangerously protruding into the line of heavy traffic. Then out popped her male companion, opened the road-side door even wider and sat in to drive. Traffic was heavy. It was, dear reader, a scene made for an accident. Thank God nothing happened except I sprouted a few more grey hairs. But I could imagine what might have been. Those drivers could not. And that was scary.

* ACCORDING to reports Renault is planning a major overhaul of its range. Key cars will be two new electric SUVs as well as “a renewed focus” on family cars.

Its new partnership deal with Nissan involves more platform sharing and technology.

The CMF-EV platform, which premiered on the newly unveiled Nissan Ariya electric large SUV, will also underpin Renault’s electric SUVs in the coming years.

* NISSAN recently marked the production of the 500,000th Leaf electric car. The milestone arrived at Nissan’s plant in Sunderland nearly 10 years after the model first went on sale. More than 175,000 Leafs have been made at Sunderland since it began production of the EV in 2013.

* I SHARE some of the sentiment in a recent, slightly bizarre, survey which found that a majority of drivers don’t  trust their car’s infotainment system.


As many as 63pc have a ‘trust’ issue, the British survey found. One-in-three say their system has ‘failed’ them while 49pc found it ‘distracting’. One-quarter said sat navs are the most distracting element. That’s the bit with which I concur. I don’t, however, see how 77pc find they are now more distracted by infotainment systems than five years ago. Strangely, the Rivervale Leasing survey also found that 63pc believe infotainment should be restricted while the car is in operation. What’s the point in having it if you only use it while parked? Weird.

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