Follow along with this guided Barre Fitness Class At-Home!

This is a Power Cardio Barre Workout — combining traditional barre strength training exercises with HIIT cardio intervals for an effective 30-minute, full body workout.

►What is a Power Barre Workout?
It combines traditional barre exercises with larger, full body dynamic exercises. Using optional hand weights for strength training, paired with bodyweight cardio intervals to raise your heart rate.

Basically it’s a barre workout with a HIIT (high intensity interval training) spin. I like to think of it as an athletic barre class.


This 30-Minute Power Barre Workout will sculpt, tone, strengthen and lengthen all of the muscles in your body.

Follow along as I sweat with you through 30-minutes of plíes, relevès, first position and second position barre exercises paired with lunges, squat jacks, and upper body punches.

►EQUIPMENT: Light to medium dumbbells or hand weights.

I suggest using between 2 and 8 pound dumbbells. I’m personally using 5 lb hand weights for this barre workout.

►INSTRUCTIONS: Follow along with the barre class at-home workout video at the top of this post. I’ll coach you through each barre exercise and be shaking right alongside you.

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  1. Hi, the workout was amazing and I love that it is challenging. But it was a little hard to follow with the constant zoom in and the sound qaulity was a bit hard to hear. It seems like you have already taken the feedback so I look forward to your new and improved workout videos!

  2. Lindsey, you are awesome!! I have done quite a few of your workouts now, and I have LOVED every single one! Not only do they kick my butt and go by fast, but you can tell through them that you are a genuine and positive person! Your energy and positivity are contagious! Thank you!

  3. Thank you for a great workout. If I may provide some constructive feedback- we don’t need cueing and encouragements between every single count non-stop. I personally found it distracting, wondering if i should be listening for instructions/technique cues vs just filler encouragement cues. I couldn’t hear myself think. Thank you again for a nicely structured workouts

  4. Thanks for this great workout! It’s one of the best barre workouts I’ve found on YouTube! The instructor has great energy and demonstrates the moves well. My only critique is the audio quality and the camerawork/editing. Sometimes it’s too artsy and the instructor is barely in the frame, not the best choice for a workout video! But the content and instructor make it worthwhile, looking forward to trying more recent workouts! Thanks! 🙏🙏

  5. I am 34 weeks pregnant and following your workouts since April and wooow this one kicked my a**! Super challenging but I feel great doing it (I modify a little bit the core part at the end) Thanks again for your motivation and those videos 🙂

  6. This lady kicked my a$$!! Dripping…no no NO…POURING sweat. I truely wasn't ready for what this class brought but I finished it and I'll deff do it again. If your looking for a beginner workout thus is NOT the one for you

  7. My friends and I really liked this workout though we did at times find it hard to follow due to the editing. Sometimes you zoomed in and we needed to see your whole body for clarity. But it was great still!

  8. I loved this workout, I was in ballet years(and I mean years) ago and I have always loved inspired barre workouts but… I have never found one where I felt like I pushed myself and got a good workout until I found this one. I do your workouts 2-3 times a week and I love them!!! Thank you!!!

  9. Great class! Had to play it low volume without music (which is a total must normally) because baby was napping but I didn't even miss it. Your personality is adorable and genuine. I am dripping sweat and barely felt the time go by. Thank you!

  10. Such a hard workout!!! Thank you!! My only gripe is I wish your camera person didn’t zoom into one part of the body. There would be some cues that I missed since I’m a visual person. I would rather the video remain on your full body so we can see exactly what we need to be doing! 🙂

  11. Great workout, with nice mix of modalities. One negative comment: the music drove me crazy. Does no one hear the background noise? I felt like I was on hold with the IRS, and actually stressed me out.
    Otherwise, great job

  12. So I have NEVER commented on anything before but I had to say this is probably the best workout I’ve tried on YouTube or in person! I love how it incorporates all the muscle groups and cardio, and I love the pace! I don’t have time to think if I’m sweaty or getting tired just keep going to the next move! 😄 Your positivity is contagious. Thank you thank you for this workout! Definitely trying more

  13. This was on my recommended page and I'm so glad I tried it! This was definitely one of the most challenging online barre/pilates classes I've tried on YouTube! I loved how dumbbells were incorporated to intensify the arm workouts which are often neglected in barre!

  14. Wow!! The sweat was literally dripping off me doing this! I could hardly grip my weights 😅 You def need a sweat towel close by for this one! Xx Such a different way to work out but you really feel the burn like no other workout xx Another amazing workout from nml – Thankyou xx


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