Once u get used to it, it gets very very easy.
It’s a really good workout if u don’t have time/money to go to the Gym… it takes only 32 mins off of ur life and it’s pretty easy, you can do it when u’re having a lazy day.


1) Don’t deprive yourself ever… Always find a healthier alternative to what you like to eat, find a better recipe. Contact me for resources with healthier recipes of your fav. foods! follow me on @AHealingBody on instagram & YinYangInAction on snapchat for healthy meal ideas and recipes.
2)Drink lots of water during the day & a glass before & after u start working out.
3)Eat clean: Lots of veggies, fruits, nuts, & seeds with a little bit of meat, seafood, eggs & maybe raw, grasged dairy products if you can tolerate them. Stay away from processed foods, artificial colors and flavors, and preservatives.
4)use healthy oils (It doesn’t mean that they have less calories, BUT they’re much healthier & keep you satiated) & u wanna stay fit AND healthy =)
5)Don’t restrict calories & don’t u ever starve yourself, EVER!! You only have to eat when you’re hungry and stop eating when u’re full & satisfied. Don’t eat when u’re not hungry just because it’s lunch time or whatever
6)MOVE UR BUTT… take the stairs instead of using the elevator, u don’t have to park ur car right in-front of the building, play with ur children, YOU go get that glass of water, YOU go get that remote, YOU go open the door.
7) Don’t go 3 days in a row without exercising. (EXERCISING NOT WORKING OUT). Move, play, go out on a daily basis.
8) Don’t force yourself to eat something you don’t like just because it’s healthy, find an alternative and don’t force yourself to do a certain exercise that you don’t like, enjoy what you do!
9)Don’t buy foods that are not good for you, because if they are around you…. u’re gonna eat them =)
10) PLAN…. If you get hungry and have no idea what to eat, u’re gonna eat whatever u see infront of you, especially if you have unhealthy people that live with you and they buy unhealthy foods and drinks.

Alot of u have been askin…:”How many calories did I just burn??”
Well as @cmenochs said:-
everyone burns calories differently, it depends on how much work you put into it, your weight, height, etc. I would suggest buying a heart monitor, it will tell you exactly how many calories you burn specific to you. although they can be expensive, unfortunately.”

Many people share how many calories their heart monitors says the burned…. The average is around 400 calories if you do your best.

You can do this 3-4 times a week & yes u can do it daily if u want to! Just make sure you talk to your doctor first especially if u have injuries or knee pain or any pain/injury/surgery…

Last but not least.. I DO NOT OWN THIS!



  1. This video made me start a workout and was the first one I follwed through youtube 6 years ago.Now I became a strenth person who have 17% of bodyfat. I visit here to see this video is running . I'm glad
    I really appreciate uploader!!!!


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