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  1. Your great! cute, funny and so fit! You can reach your goal as a fitness spokesperson. You could be a personel trainer too. I enjoy you showing off your muscles. Keep it going!

  2. @AftanNoonDelight11 It takes a long time for the feet to adapt to them, the girl in the store said. I've heard some people say 6 months. I'm in love with mine, got them a couple of days ago, they fit so well. I got them because I got severe tibialis problems, the doctor wanted me to get inlays for my shoes 🙁 But I thought I'd try to build up my arches the natural way, by going barefoot.

  3. @AftanNoonDelight11 🙂 I think you'd be a great fitness trainer though, go for it. I gotta get off my butt and run for starters. (In my lovely vibrams, yay!) There's also this gym not far from here that teach crossfit. (it's supposed to take less time 🙂 Good luck. Strength and fitness rules, I love all about it. Keep doing your thing. It's good to see women training strength not just cardio.

  4. I must say… I don't know what is more amazing… "your beauty"… you are breathtakingly gorgeuos, you can easily be a model… or "your muscles"… you have perfect muscles and muscle definition throughout your whole perfect muscle sculpted body. To rap up… "Your Amazing"!!! I am now a fan!!!

  5. @Zerafinel Oh I'm a novice too I'm not a trainer just yet actually an art major lol. But I love to run so of course I'd say do that and just lift 2-4 times a week. Do you not have a gym membership? I have yet to try crossfit…

  6. @AftanNoonDelight11 No no, I am pretty fit and strong at the moment, but that is because I've been working at a job that involves a lot of lifting and is just physically very demanding. (carpentry). I also have been working with my diet the last couple of years, I'm a bit of a healthy food freak 🙂 It's just that I don't have a routine for keeping my muscles when I'm not working. I've been thinking about Crossfit for all over natural fitness, I just have no idea. Novice at this. Where to start?

  7. @Zerafinel Well lifting, are you trying to focus on a certain section? Pretty much lifting increases mucsle mass as long as your eating right while your doing it. Say you had a high body fat% then it would be harder to see the results…

  8. WOW girl, you have the perfect combination of muscle and beauty. Beyonce beauty with such amazing musles. In fact, the muscles in your arms are so bulging, that they seem like they have a life of their own.


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