A brand new no equipment, no noise 20 minute home workout you can do anywhere and follow-along easily 🙏 My new HOME. programme with 50 unique workouts + nutrition approved by a world-leading expert behind British Olympic athletes is now LIVE at www.natachaoceane.com 🥇♥️

The 20 minute HOME workout: each exercise is performed for 45s and followed by 15s rest. The 10 exercises are listed below and we repeat it twice!

I personally use the first exercise (rocket launches) as a full body warm up but if you’d like to warm up some more beforehand, then go check out my warm up video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLA2hFv24ww&t=3s

1. Rocket launches
2. Bob and weave
3. Chameleon to bear crunch
4. Tricep extension to crab reach
5. Double rhino to squat
6. Extended crab knee drives
7. Standing superman fly
8. Assisted push-up transfers
9. Short stride pulsing lunges
10. Lateral crabs with knee touches

Cool down for 5-10mins with some light stretching (:


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  1. Feel free to switch up the rest times, stick to just one round, or modify any movements to make this workout perfect for you ♥️ You'll progress like crazy and crush the whole workout with just a little practice if you're not there already! 💛

    Let's keep taking care of ourselves and each other through everything 🥰 All my love!

  2. This workout is Awesome, I haven't felt this energised in ages! And if you live in a top floor flat like me a great way to keep fit without annoying your neighbours! Thanks so much! Xx❤️

  3. im a plussize person and havent workout in very long time. i only can stand until first half of the video , but im not giving up, i'll do my best tommorow. pray for me.

  4. Covid-19 brought me here… But I'm so glad I found your channel thanks to coach Greg! This workout is literally all I needed today… And I thought I was gonna be a couch potato today 😅 Now I feel like moving mountains!

  5. you have inspired me so much to get back into fitness and these home work outs are saving me at the moment, keep em coming you're the best fitness youtuber out there <3

  6. No noise = No sweat 😆😅 oh boy….Was I so wrong 🤪 I was sweating like crazy! What an AWESOME work out! 👍👍 I couldn’t do the 🦀 walk properly, but it was so much fun! Thank you so much for your great videos. It made my life easier during this rough pandemic time 🥰

  7. Huge mistake for me trying to keep her pace on the first exercise. Had to take like a full 2min rest after that. Probably the first time since my gym closed i've sweated (? is that even a word?) that much. All of the exercises that had her in a "crab" position (anything with arms behind my back and supporting my weight) I had to switch out, does anybody have any good exercises I can do instead?

    Doing this (with multiple breaks, and swapped out exercises) and then the 10min full body stretch (again with swapping out a couple of the stretches) was a struggle.


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